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Vocal invention

with Christine Bertocchi

dates Dates
23.01.16 → 24.01.16
duree Duration
10 hours
Participants' profiles

Advanced non-professional singers, all music styles professionals, choir directors, actors, teachers, …

Teaching content

We will begin with a set of exercises helping us to practice ways to eliminate unnecessary tensions in the body, which can be a source of hindrance for free sound making. This will also guide us towards a more accurate awareness of the relationship between breathing and body posture. We will work on the vocal range of each person and we will refine the act of listening using imitation games, rhythmic exercises, invention games within melodic forms and imaginary language. We will practice vocal technique exercises in fun and dynamic ways so that to explore different modalities. We will make connections between the speaking and singing voice, increase one's vocal extent and develop one's power. We will also explore one's relationship to the group and one's place within the group through all kinds of set-ups (in a circle, with a partner, in small groups), which will lead to assert each person's uniqueness.

Teacher's biography

As a singer, Christine's interest takes her toward multidisciplinary works for choreographers and theater directors, collective performances and personnal works.
She teaches vocal techniques, vocal improvisation, musical theater and ways to integrate body and stage work (Certified Feldenkrais® practitioner since 2000). She teaches in professional training settings for musicians, singers, dancers or actors (Harmoniques in Paris, ARIAM, CNFPT, Afdas training sessions, Opera Houses), throughout France and beyond.

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