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The body, first instrument of a musician

With Suzanne Charbonneau

dates Dates
01.05.20 → 03.05.20
duree Durée
3 days — 15 hours for musicians / 18 for practicians
Publics concernés

20  people maximum : 

10 musicians, choir conductors or professional singers and 10 Feldenkrais practitioners. 

Objectifs pédagogiques

Even though the body is a musician’s first instrument, body awareness is very often neglected during musical training. However emphasising musical performance without include the body to its intimate connection and special bond with the instrument weakens the performer’s health. Somatic education and more specifically the Feldenkrais™  method offers concrete strategies to get through the long hours of practice required for music instrument mastery, with no injuries.

A propos de l’intervenant(e)

Suzanne Charbonneau is from Quebec and lives in Montreal. She finished her training in somatic education with Moshe Feldenkrais, in Amherst in 1983, and her training as a psychologist in 1985. As a Guild certified Feldenkrais assistant-educator, in North America in 1989, she participated in professional trainings in Europe, United States and Canada. She has been teaching the Feldenkrais     method for over 30 years. She has also been an instructor at the Montreal Conservatoire d’art dramatique and at the dance department of the University of Quebec in Montreal. ​


Today and since 10 years, she co-directs the Quebec somatic education training school, and thus trains a new generation of somatic instructors within Quebec. Applying the work of body awareness which involves presence, research and development of its potential is of great interest to her. The enforcement of neuroplasticity concepts in the fields of health, arts, child development and education in general are a source of inspiration in her teaching.

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20  people maximum : 

10 musicians, choir conductors or professional singers and 10 Feldenkrais practitioners. 

Registrations will be taken into account in order of arrival on a first-come basis, within available capacity, and after application has been accepted.

Financial support is available through OPCO (Afdas, Uniformation, FIPPL...) and employers. 

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