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Konnakkol and Rhythm Awareness

with B.C. Manjunath

dates Dates
26.08.19 → 30.08.19
duree Durée
30 hours — 5 days
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Instrumentalists and singers from all kinds of musical background with an advanced practice in rhythmical work.

Objectifs pédagogiques

This workshop offers a training in Konnakkol as practised in classical music from South India (Carnatic region ): the use of rhythmic syllables while counting talas with the hand. The first class will be adapted to the participants discovering this language for the first time and throughout the week, Manjunath will develop the complexity of this practice. He will emphasise the connection between technique and musicality, between mental agility and body integration of rhythm. He will also guide each person towards finding out how to personally put into practice this art form. 

A propos de l’intervenant(e)

Based in Bangalore, Manjunath is one of Konnakkol’s great masters and a Mridangam virtuoso. He trained as a child within the family circle along with historical masters. With great sensibility and a wide open mind, his range of expression stretches from Indian classical music to the most contemporary and transdisciplinary creation, in India as well as in Europe. He dedicates a part of his professional activity to transmission, with great passion.


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20 people maximum. Registration will be taken into account in order of arrival on a first-come basis. Financial support is available through OPCA (Afdas, Uniformation, FIPPL...) and employers. 

A discount rate is possible for individual financing. +33 (0)6 25 11 20 29