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Vocal laboratory

with Catherine Jauniaux

dates Dates
26.07.16 → 30.07.16
duree Duration
30 hours
Participants' profiles

Professional and semi-professional singers coming from any music background (jazz, current music, classical & contemporary repertoire), as well as actors, writers, choir directors, instrumentalists...

Teaching content

We will explore voice training in relation to poetic and dramatic writing through a wide range of vocal expression, from free improvisation to talking, readings of personal letters, and dreams. Using solo, duet, trio and group work we will create short performances, and travel through the process of instant composition, with or without pre-established structures.

Teacher's biography

Very often described as the « one-woman orchestra », or the «human sampler », she makes up languages, imitates all kinds of sounds and is able to juggle octaves and roles. Catherine is seen as one of the best kept secrets in the world of improvisation music.

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