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O Passo

with Lucas Ciavatta

dates Dates
08.07.16 → 12.07.16
duree Duration
30 hours
Participants' profiles

Instrumentalists and singers from all music backgrounds, music and movement teachers, choir directors, holder of a DUMI diploma, dancers and artists with a practice in rhythmical work (actors, circus artists.)

Teaching content

O Passo (The Step) is a music education method created by Lucas Ciavatta in 1996 and currently in use both in Brazil and abroad.
O Passo was born in response to the highly selective process of access to musical practice, in academic as well as in popular cultural spaces. Its greatest inspiration came from the richness of the way in which Brazilian popular music is made, especially regarding the relationship between body and music in the swing acquiring process. O Passo is based on a specific gait and oriented by four pilars (body, representation, group and culture). It introduced in rhythm and sound teaching-learning process new concepts like position and musical space and new tools like the gait that gives the method its name, the oral and the body notations and the O Passo graphic notation. O Passo does not work aiming a specific accomplishment, it works with the building of a basis, which brings not one but several possibilities. It opens a door not only to rhythm and sound, but to rhythmics as a whole and to a real closeness to the universe of sound.

Teacher's biography

Lucas Ciavatta, a musician with a Masters in Education, is the creator of O Passo. He is the director of the O Passo Institute and also director of the percussion and chant group Bloco d'O Passo.

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