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Body music workshop

with Remi LECLERC

dates Dates
20.07.15 → 31.07.15
duree Duration
60 hours
06 25 11 20 29 ou
Participants' profiles

Children and teenagers from 10 to 16 years old

Teaching content

body percussions, voice, human beatbox ...tongue and mouth clicking, fingers snapping, thighs slapping, feet stamping, onomatopoeia, a whole range of sounds that allow the body to transform itself into a music instrument.

Teacher's biography

Pianist, body-percussionist, vocalist, composer, he created the Compagnie des Humanophones (Body Pop Music) in 2013 with the desire to spark artistic and human encounters around body percussions and vocal work. The first piece « Corpus » brought together national emerging artists with a strong musical and theatrical expression, together they created an exhilarating sound and visual odyssey, with a taste of jazz, pop, funk, soul music and from tribal inspiration from here and there...

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Contact us:
Compagnie D’un instant à l’autre
1 route de Châtillon
21500 Montbard
06 25 11 20 29