Musique d'ailleurs

by Les Voyageurs de l'Espace — 2017 Great Price of Charles' Cros Academy

All public
60 min
About the piece

Since 2009, the Voyageurs de l’Espace have all been playing their part in creating a group imagination to invent a new relationship with Space that would be totally different from all previous ideas. Set up within the “haven” of the National Space Observatory, this group came into being from a truly multi-disciplinary approach that included the field of music.


Philippe Foch — drums & electronics.

Didier Petit — cello & voice

Claudia Solal — voice

Sabine Macher, Charles Pennequin, Karin Serres, Eric Pessan, Coline Pierré, Mariette Navarro, Olivier Bleys et Didier Petit — authors 

Dates to come
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