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Konnakkol and Rhythm Awareness

By B.C. Manjunath

dates Dates
17.07.23 → 21.07.23
lieu Location
Studio of the company La Quintilienne - Accessible to the disabled
duree Duration
30 hours - 5 days
horaires Schedule

Monday: 3-6.30 p.m. 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m., 2 p.m.-5.30 p.m. 
Friday: 9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m., 2 p.m.-6 p.m. public restitution on Friday at 4.30 p.m.

Participants' profiles

Instrumentalists and singers of all styles with advanced rhythm practice.



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Teaching content

This course offers training in Konnakkol (use of rhythmic words and counting talas by hand) as practiced in classical music of southern India (Karnatic). Starting from the basics, B.C. Manjunath will evolve the complexity of the practice over the week. It will emphasize the link between technique and musicality, between mental agility and bodily integration of rhythm, and will guide everyone towards their own personal practice.

Teacher's biography

B.C. Manjunath, based in Bangalore, Manjunath is one of the great masters of Konnakkol and a virtuoso of Mridangam. Trained from childhood in the family setting and with historical masters, with great sensitivity and a broad spirit of openness, his field of expression extends from Indian classical music to the most contemporary and transdisciplinary creations, in India as in Europe. He passionately devotes part of his activity to transmission.


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This training can be paid for by your OPCO (AFDAS, UNIFORMATION, FONGECIF...) or your employer (City, Conservatory...), as part of your rights to continuing education. A few places are available for individual funding, at a reduced rate. 
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