Local Contract for Artistic Education in Saulieu

Interventions and art making for/or with school and extra-curriculum programs

A propos

In keeping with the music making projects developed by Didier Petit, Will Menter, and then Christine Bertocchi at the Saulieu and Liernais high schools, the superintendent, the DRAC (regional cultural affairs directorate) and Saulieu's mayor wished to combine their efforts towards the setting up of a permanent cultural educational program. This was made official through a Local Contract for Artistic Education (LCAE), under the artistic direction of Christine Bertocchi.

Within this format, creative projects are developed with schools, François Pompon's high school, the music school, cultural services and local non-profit organizations.

This LCAE aims to promote cultural opportunities in rural areas through the development of music practice and artistic work among young audiences, taking into account the impact and the outreach it can have towards a wider audience.

This three-way contract's goals are thus:

- promoting an artistic and cultural practice among children, and encouraging them to pursue this activity during their adult life.

- fostering the development of a harmonious personality opened to public awareness.

- overcoming cultural access' social inequalities.

- supporting the making and promotion of rigorous artistic works.

- creating a real dynamic that will continue beyond the LCAE's term.

This LCAE, with its strong musical component, also links different artistic practices around central goals. These are identified as identity development, self-representation and awareness of one's own environment.

Thus, this contract encourages Saulieu's students to acquire specific and transversal skills, useable in other fields of activity and at the same time it contributes to the development of their personality and openness to the world.

Prochains rendez-vous

January-March 2017: three half days will be spent creating a piece for the first part of A mesure (3rd grade)
February 6-10, 2017: vocal invention workshop with a group from Orsay's CFMI (training center for music teachers in schools), and the participation of a 5th grade class from Saulieu.
March 13 & 14, 2017: three A mesure performances presented with primary and high school students playing in the first part. The event will take place at the Cinema L'Etoile, in Saulieu.
May 22, 23 & 26, 2017: sound itinerary A la Croisée des Voies with a primary school class.