Musical project

A propos

Gestures is a musical composition project led in a school setting to address language diversity: oral language, written language, body language, mother-tongue language, foreign languages, plastic and visual languages… Approaching languages through different entries, one’s own language, someone else’s, others’. 

The students involved in the project are fully immersed in the creative process. 

The involvement of the body and the relationship to space will be at the core of the proposed teaching activities. 

The sessions will quickly move specifically towards the final form in order to identify appropriate material to be put into music within different formats (song, lists of words, narrations). 

Based mostly on playful proposals involving oral transmission, all these stages will allow everyone to explore his/her own voice, to learn to listen to someone else’s voice, to develop one’s musical imagination and to refine one’s rhythmic practice (vocal workshops, writing, staging, moving in English workshops, costume and set making, exhibitions, numerous activities, opportunities to go to shows, professional work conditions, repetitions and final performance composition). 

Prochains rendez-vous

Thus from 2017 to 2019 several stages and preparatory artistic workshops are organised within the frame of creating Gestures as a collective effort.