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From sound to word

with Valérie Philippin , Claudia Solal et Christine Bertocchi

dates Dates
22.04.19 → 26.04.19
duree Durée
30 hours— 5 days
Publics concernés

Singers from all music backgrounds, musicians, music teachers, choir directors, actors, orators.

Objectifs pédagogiques

Driven by a common passion for teaching, vocal improvisation and musical adventures off beaten path, Christine Bertocchi, Valérie Philippin and Claudia Solal will share, throughout this workshop, their specific approaches around the origin of words, the development of language and the extended vocal exploration with or without textual support. From sound poetry to musical theater, from working with vocal textures to instant composition, from imaginary language to the making of sung forms, it is a vast playing field that each of them will enrich through improvised proposals or exploratory walks among all the available materials.

A propos de l’intervenant(e)

Up there, you can upload the biographies to know more about Valerie Philippin, Caudia Solal and Chritsine Bertocchi.

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20 people maximum. Registration will be taken into account in order of arrival on a first-come basis. Financial support is available through OPCA (Afdas, Uniformation, FIPPL...) and employers. 

A discount rate is possible for individual financing. +33 (0)6 25 11 20 29